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Security Delivery Team

Vast security delivery capacity, ready to execute your security program and support onsite teams.

The Challenge

Finding and Hiring Talent

Finding skilled security personnel is extremely difficult. The industry faces a substantial shortage in comparison to market demand and particularly outside central hub areas it is very hard to attract talent. On top, many organizations are having a tough time determining which specific security skills are required to address the challenges they have at hand.

Achieving Operational Traction

By far the biggest challenge for security teams lies in operational traction. A lot of teams find themselves with suboptimal productivity, even in their own assessment. Often times they are not meeting management expectations due to intransparent progress. It is not uncommon for security teams to consist predominantly lateral entrants and newcomers, supported by only a minority of experienced security staff. The net result is typically the same: underachieved goals, moving goalposts, true talent leaving to other organizations.

Achieving visible traction requires not only structured program management, but also a curated set of skills in security architecture, engineering, hacking & exploitation and other areas.

Deploying Large Teams for Enterprises

Due to the overall shortage of skill on the job market, it is particularly difficult for large enterprises to deploy teams greater than just a few and cater security delivery capacity to the demand created by hundreds of development teams that require continuous support, threat assessments, cross cutting architecture solutions etc.

Scaling Team Skill & Capacity

Companies tend to require a higher degree of security delivery capacity in the early phases, mainly to bring in structure, eliminate collected security debt, achieve hygiene and bring in scaling security infrastructure. To achieve this, the challenge lies in scaling up - particularly if time is of the essence. In later phases, not so much delivery strength is needed any longer. Numerous aspects of security can be neatly automated and run in maintenance mode.

Our Services

We've created the following service for you.

Services / Defense Organization

Rapid Delivery Team Deployment

CISOCON's service is to ensure accelerated delivery of security defense capabilities by deploying versed teams that are staffed with just the right roles and skillsets required by the job. As the name Delivery Team suggests, we see our role in supporting and complementing your existing teams to achieve impact.

A common skill setup we rely frequently upon includes roles such as:

  • CISO
  • Security Program Manager
  • Security Architect
  • Security Engineer
  • SOC & Incident Response Expert
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Data Scientist
  • Hacking & Exploitation Expert