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Deep security management expertise, ready to amplify and scale your security Organization and program.

The Challenge

Extremely Difficult Hire

Great CISO's are characterized by their ability to orchestrate and operationalize. They set strategy, have a very good understanding of technology and are great communicators. This set of skills is an extremely difficult hire for most companies.

The industry faces a significant shortage of resources in the security space overall with even less available talent on the management level. The few great CISO's that are out there find themselves attracted to the top tech companies and seek exposure to top teams and the cutting edge.

Managing Cost for Startups and Small Businesses

Particularly for SMBs - who are very much in the crosshair of attackers - it is close to impossible to afford the increasing salary ranges of talented CISO's, being around 250k€ in EMEA/APAC and easily above 500k€ in the US.

Bridging the Immediate Need for Security Orchestration

Despite the challenges of hiring a CISO, companies are faced with an immediate need to build up or improve their security defense capabilities. This requires in-depth expertise in setting up a security program (answering what needs to done), as well as experience in how to do the work. Waiting 12+ months to hopefully find a suitable candidate is typically not a conceivable option.

Hiring someone who is technically versed - like a security engineer - can be a viable solution for the short term, but not one that solves the ochestration challenge.

Our Unique Approach

Operational CISO Management

We take interims management positions as CISO, ready to execute and driven to make operational impact. What you can expect when you hire an Operational CISO:

True Expertise & Immediate Action

Our team is characterized by true expertise and intrinsic motivation. We bring a specific action plan for the job, take the initiative and focus on execution.

Identification of Current Security Capabilities

One of the first steps is to build upon previous work and not re-invent every investment that was previously made. We will identify what work has already been done, which capabilities exist and how this maps to future target models.

An Effective Defense Strategy

Our approach is to design defense strategies that give good the advantage and make it uneconomical for an attacker to try and break in.

We will detail, communicate and discuss the technological and procedual underpinnings of this strategy to you and create a sustainable foundation for the security program.

Rapid Security Program Establishment

Based on strategy and stakeholder expectations, we will develop a Security Program with clear, actionable and measurable objectives based on an OKR model (following CISOCON's unqiue approach to developing security programs).

Fast Delivery

Our CISO's are Operational CISO's, meaning they strategize but most importantly ensure delivery. We come with proven methods, tools and techniques to continously build up your security defense capabilities.

Our Services

We've created the following services for you.

Services / Defense Organization

Interims CISO Management

Full-time or part-time CISO management

Services / Defense Organization

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Continuous sparring and support for CISOs