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The Challenge

A Multitude of Strategic Challenges

Decision makers are frequently faced with strategic security challenges that arise on multiple levels. Particularly for high impact decisions that set the directional tone, making the right call early protects against a lot of downside. Some of the most common topics we see frequently discussed among our clients include:

Business Owners & Executives Point of View
  • How secure is my company?
  • What level of security is the right one?
  • How good is our security program?
  • What should be security must-win battles?
  • How much budget should be set aside?
  • How should security ROI be calculated?
  • How well are we prepared for the top attack scenarios?
  • How should we react to breaches?
  • What security due diligence is necessary for investments or M&A deals?
  • How important are education and awareness?
CISO Point of View
  • How can the security program be improved?
  • What should be our security objectives?
  • What should be the security strategy?
  • What should be the security program roadmap?
  • What constitutes an effective security organization?
  • How can security be managed proactively?
  • How can security be scaled?
  • What security solutions are necessary?
  • What is the right defense architecture?
CTO Point of View
  • How can friction between security and development be avoided?
  • How do we leverage security benefits of the cloud?
  • How can code and infrastructure be secured by design?
  • How can the security risk behind developer mistakes be minimized?

Our Services

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Services / Defense Strategy

Bespoke Advisory Service

Our driver is to create lasting value, make impact and to build long term relationships. Of course we share deep expertise and industry insights. However, the way we create real value is by constantly thinking ahead and translating the cutting edge of security to what really matters to our clients and enables them to rise above the noise and make smart, informed decisions.